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"What's in a name?" asks Juliet while trying to figure things out with Romeo. True, changing the name of a person or thing doesn't really change the underlying entity, A new name, though, might make things easier to work with. Take filenames, for example. Sure, you can leave it as "HP60355.JPG", but "Billy_and_Suzy_at_the_beach.jpg" might be a little more useful.

Bulk Rename Utility, as its name implies, will let you rename a bunch of files all at once. Choose an individual file or a whole directory full of them. Create rules to add or remove text, digits, and more. Use regular expressions to grab just the files you want. And it's got a preview, so you can do a sanity check before you give everything the wrong new name. It even logs what you do so that if something does get munged in the process, you can go back and unravel the whole mess. There's even a command-line version (separate download) that lets you automate the process by incorporating it into batch files and scripts.

A free Windows download, Bulk Rename Utility will run under just about any flavor of Microsoft's Best, from Win 98 on up.

Download Bulk Rename Utility

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  1. john connor says:

    dont DL this firefox says it is a known attack site

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