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As you move around the Web during the normal course of your day, no doubt you're downloading various files. Whether it's a report you need to work on, or the next great timesaving app, you probably just dump everything on your desktop, or maybe into a dedicated Download folder. By the end of the day—or week, or month—you've got quite a pile of stuff there. It's really not going to do you any good just sitting there; it might be nice to organize all those goodies and put them into a better storage location. But hey, who wants to spend the next ten minutes (or next ten hours) dragging and dropping files all over your hard drive?

Digital Janitor can give you a hand with this nasty clean up job. Built on a rules-based sorting system, all you need to do is to enter a file type (actually a file extension like DOC or MP3) and destination, point it at your download folder, and press the magic button. It moves all your files to their new homes and lets you get back to downloading. After all, if you die with the most downloads, you win, right?

A free download, Digital Janitor is a Windows application. It should do fine on systems running XP or later; it requires version 2.0 or the .NET Framework.

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  1. Silver Dragons Systems says:

    Sounds like a useful app, however the site appears to have disappeared. Instead you are sent to a web hosting site, which leads me to believe the site was hosted and someone forgot to pay the bill.