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Seems like there's always something to calculate. Whether it's just adding a couple of numbers, figuring the tax and shipping on your next Amazon order, or computing what the interest is going to cost you on a new car purchase, there are numbers to be crunched. For some of them, a simple pocket calculator would suffice; for others you might want to reach for a full-blown spreadsheet application. Or you might take a look at an online option.

InstaCalc is a free online calculator. You can use it to do some quickie addition, or you can get all complicated and use it to compute mortgage amortization, future value, and other complex calculations. For the simple stuff, all you need to do is type in the numbers and operators, and it figures the answer in real time. If you need to get more complex, you can define variables and reference other parts of your calculations. It supports all sorts of complex operations, including trig functions, logarithms, and more. It's even got built in conversion functions: how many teaspoons are there in a gallon? (768), or what is 2010 in octal? (0o3732).

InstaCalc is a free service. You should be able to use it with any browser that supports JavaScript.

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