System Tray app replaces little blinking status lights

runs on Windows
screenshot of TrayStatus

Back when dinosaurs roamed he earth and everybody had a big, clunky desktop computer, there were all kinds of little flashing indicator lights that told you when important things were happening with your system. There were lights for the NumLock and CapsLock keys; there was even a light or the ScrollLock key (whatever that is), as well as flashing lights to let you know that your hard drive was being accessed to read and write data. Now that everybody's got a laptop or a netbook, some of those goodies have gone away. It's still important to know what's happening with your system; that's where TrayStatus may come in handy.

This little app sits in the System Tray, keeping an eye on what's happening with your computer. When you press any of those keys, or when there is disk activity, TrayStatus takes note and lets you know what's up. For your hard drive, it'll even let you know how much is being read and written, something that old amber light on the front of the CPU could never hope to achieve.

TrayStatus is a free Windows application. It should work with just about everybody from Win2k (SP4) up to the present.

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