What's My Computer Doing?

runs on Windows
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You know the scenario: you're sitting there in front of your computer, not doing a thing, and all of a sudden the hard drive light starts furiously flashing on and off. Or you're doing some trivial task, like reading an email message that you have already downloaded to your machine, and all of a sudden your CPU usage peaks at 100% and stays there for what seems an eternity. Has your machine been possessed? Is your computer about to melt down? What's my computer doing?

As luck would have it, that may be the solution. What's My Computer Doing? is a tool that lets you know what's going on behind the scenes. When you bring it up, it shows all the programs currently running on your system, with details about who's reading and writing to and from the hard drive, and what's using up all your processor cycles. Newly armed with that information, you can decide whether it's all legit, or that maybe you'd like to kill that program. If you really want to calm things down, you've even got the option to uninstall a particularly troubling application.

What's My Computer Doing? is a free download. You can run it on Windows systems using WinNT/2000 and later.

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