All-in-one file encryption tool and data

runs on Windows
screenshot of Crypditor

Everybody's got stuff that they want to keep private and secure. Maybe it's a list of passwords, or the winning numbers to next week's Lotto drawing, or maybe just some personal thoughts that you don't want your co-workers or kid sister to get hold of. There are all kinds of encryption programs out there to hide your stuff, but here's one where the program and the data become one.

Crypditor looks and acts like any old text editor—it's even got tabs to work on multiple items at once. You can just type straight into its editor window, or you can import text from other files. When you save the file, it just jams your now encrypted data into the executable itself. That means that not only is your private info private, but you can bring it with you—on a USB stick, as an email attachment—without having to bring along a separate tool to unlock it. Your data should be safe, since Crypditor uses 256-bit encryption. And it's even got a password strength tool, to help you decide whether you maybe want to use a password a bit more secure than "password".

Crypditor is a free download. It's a Windows app and should run under Win98 and later.

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