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Data can be messy. It doesn't always come to you in an organized form—kind of like a pile of Post-Its on your desktop, everything's on the same level. But that's not how people always think. Lots of times it's easier to understand and remember important things if we can impose some kind of organization to them. A stack of business cards has much of the same stuff that you might find in an address book, but the book makes it easier to find information on a particular contact, and may make it easier to keep track of which of those phone numbers is an office number, as opposed to a fax line, cell phone, or something else.

TreeLine is a tool you can use to help organize these little bits and pieces. As its name might imply, you can create tree-based hierarchies, allowing you to drill-down to get to more and more granular pieces of information. You can store just about anything in here, including plain text, HTML, and more. Keep things free form, or impose some order on the chaos by defining data fields to help you better organize your info. TreeLine stores its data in XML files, so you can access your stuff without using the program, and can import it into other tools as well.

TreeLine is available for both Windows and Linux.

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