Create your own rhythm section with Weird Metronome

runs on Windows
screenshot of Weird Metronome

The drummers are rarely the flashy ones. Their job is to sit in the back and keep everybody else in line. If you lay down a steady, consistent beat, then it's up to the rest of them to make or break a performance. While it's not the same as a drummer, a metronome plays much the same role in practice sessions. That steady "tick-tick-tick" gives you a point of reference and hopefully keeps you on track.

Weird Metronome is an electronic version of that old wind-up contraption that used to sit on top of your piano dictating the tempo for your practice. This one, though, does more than just click for you. It takes advantage of all the standard MIDI percussion voices, so you can mix things up a bit to try to fight off boredom. In addition, you can set all kinds of interesting or even syncopated rhythms, something you can't do at all on that old tabletop pendulum model metronome.

Free to download and use, Weird Metronome is a Windows application.

Download Weird Metronome

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