Quit fighting your windows with Taekwindow

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When you're busily working away on your computer, you've got a bunch of windows open. You're working on that big report, you're crunching some numbers in a spreadsheet, you're surfing the web, and you're taking a look at the latest viral video on YouTube. As your focus changes, you're moving between windows. At some point you're going to want to rearrange them on your desktop, so you click-and-drag on the title bar to move them around. Did you know there's an easier way?

Taekwindow is a tool that lets you click and drag from anywhere on a window. Just hold down the [ALT] key while you click and drag with the mouse button, and you're moving the window into a better location. And if you want to resize that window, press the [ALT] key again and now drag with the right mouse button. Along with this, you can drag maximized windows between monitors, scroll through windows that don't currently have focus, and more.

A free Windows download, Taekwindow runs under Vista and Windows 7, and probably earlier versions as well.

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One Response to “Quit fighting your windows with Taekwindow”

  1. Mark says:

    If you like Taekwindow, you should check out Deskangel (deskangel.com) a small and resource friendly program , which offers the same functionality and much more, including iconize to taskbar (my favourite!)