Add the missing pieces to Finder

runs on Mac
screenshot of TotalFinder

If you use a Mac, then you know all about Finder, the program manager you love to hate. Sure, it gets the job done, but why are some things just so darn hard? The cavalry has just arrived.

TotalFinder gives you a bunch of features that Apple probably should have already put in Finder but didn't. Like tabs. Everybody's got tabs, but not Finder. Instead of having half-a-dozen Finder windows open on your desktop, open just one and fill it with tabs. A hot key brings up the Finder window from wherever you are; no more hunting for an icon to click on. And it deals with the dreaded .DS_Store files in a way that makes more sense. It'll even show you hidden files if you want.

TotalFinder is a free (for now) Mac application. They're threatening to start charging at some point down the road, so you may want to grab it while you can. It requires OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to run.

Download TotalFinder

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