Tool helps add, edit, and remove junction points

runs on Windows
screenshot of Junction Link Magic

Computers are complicated beasts. Press a key or click a button, and you initiate all kinds of actions inside that box. Sometimes that complication goes outside of the box. If you've ever had to dig through directory after directory to find a particular file, then you know first-hand that it can be a challenge. Fortunately, along with the complexity comes the opportunity for little tricks to speed things up.

Whether you call them shortcuts, aliases, or links, there is an easier way to get to that file way down inside the file system. Junction Link Magic is one tool you can use for this. This app lets you build "junction points", basically links to other directories on your system. That way instead of having to dig down deep through all those directories, you click on that junction point and are automatically transferred to that directory, and that can be a real timesaver. In addition to creating junction points, the interface for this tool can also help you to identify symbolic links and mount points in the filesystem as well.

Junction Link Magic is a free Windows application. It should be compatible with systems running Windows 2000 and later.

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