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It's no news that there are about a zillion web pages out there. Some are interesting, some not so much. Sometimes just looking at a page is all you're interested in: now you know the current temperature, closing stock prices, that kind of thing. Other times you may want to go back to check on things as they change and evolve: updates to a news site, new software releases, etc. Then there are the sites that contain interesting goodies that you want to hang on to. Sure, you can set a bookmark and go back and visit them again, but sometimes you want to grab a page to keep on your machine; maybe you're going to be spending a lot of time looking at it, or maybe you're going to be offline for a while and want to bring that page with you.

PdfMyUrl is a helpful online service that lets you save any web page as a PDF file. All you do is type or paste the URL for the page you want to save into its text field and press the magic button, and it will automatically PDF the whole page for you, including images and hyperlinks. While most browsers let you save a web page as something with a name like "web page complete," typically the "complete" means a separate folder chock full of images, scripts, and various other individual files. If you save it all as a PDF, then you've got one file rather than a pile of individual ones to have to deal with. The PDFs created by PdfMyUrl include live links as well, so you can still navigate with through those links the next time you're online, if you want.

A free service, PdfMyUrl shouldn't require anything other than a web browser and an Internet connection—as well as a suitably interesting web site to save—in order to do the deed.

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  1. DippyGirl says:

    If you arer interested in archiving/saving for later take a look at the scrapbook FireFox add-on
    It dos have a bigger footprint than a pdf file, but also dont need top be online once you are saved.

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