Ditto makes your clipboard even more valuable

runs on Windows
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Clipboard add-ons can be a helpful way to extend the functionality of one of the best features of modern GUI operating systems: the system clipboard. Copying and pasting between documents and applications makes life much smoother by letting us all work more efficiently. Added functionality makes it all even better.

Ditto is a tool that lets you extend your clipboard's capabilities. It can deal with both text and images, and even some formatting, and it keeps a history so you can paste not only the last thing you copied, but stuff you were working on a while ago as well. It's easy to search through all your clipboard entries to find what you're looking for. It lets you edit information on the clipboard, and you can paste plain text into an application, even if you copied it as formatted text.

Ditto is a free Windows application.

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  1. Mulleflupp says:

    I’m using Ditto already for years and haven’t found yet a better clipboard manager/enhancement. The fact that it organizes past clips in a real database makes the retrieval orderly and quick.
    Sharing clips between users and/or PCs is another useful feature.

    Among the handiest features for me are:
    – paste without format (just pastes the text, stripping it of all formatting information)
    – supports not only text, images etc. but can also keep complete files or batches of files on the clipboard.

    Not having it available (e.g. on some else’s PC) is always a real pain – really can’t live without it anymore!

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