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After you've used your system long enough, your nice, clean, pristine hard drive is all full of junk. You've got apps you've downloaded, installed, and then removed. You've got duplicate files. And in many cases, you've got empty directory folders that once held great hope but now hold—nothing! Nobody in their right mind is going to go on an all-day expedition looking for empty directories, but still it would be nice to be rid of them.

Vanity Remover is a tool with a single purpose: it finds and deletes empty directories. Pick a starting point, and it will traverse the directory structure recursively from there on down as deep as it goes. If you start at the top, it will find every empty directory on your drive. As with all good GUI apps, you can type that starting directory into the textbox, you can browse to your directory, or just drag-and-drop a folder into the application's main window. No matter how you get there, all you need to do is click the button, and they'll all automagically disappear.

So what's the deal with the name? I know about vanity as "I'm all that and a bag of chips." I'm familiar with the bathroom fixture that incorporates a sink, countertop, and enclosed cabinet. But "vanity" referring to file folders? Not too sure on that one. Perhaps lost in translation.

Vanity Remover is a free Windows application.

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2 Responses to “Find and remove empty directories”

  1. Sut says:

    Some empty folders are necessary for certain programs to run correctly and this program gives you no opportunity to choose which ones are ok to remove. Vanity Remover could therefore compromise your system. A far better option is ‘Empty Folder Nuker’ which can be found here:
    It allows you to select which empty folders to delete and even lets you create a text file containing details of deleted folders. Oh, and it’s portable.

  2. JOHN CONNOR says: