Right click to get image width and height information

runs on Mac
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If you're a blogger worth your salt, you're uploading pictures to support your posts. If you create web pages, you're adding visual interest by sticking some photos, drawings, and other stuff up there as well. Dealing with all those images can be a bit of a pain.

Take image sizes, for example. For your visitors to have the best online experience, their web browsers appreciate it when your web page tells them what size your images are. Unfortunately it's not always easy to know what those width and height numbers are. Finder won't tell you, so often it means that you have to fire up your favorite high-powered image editor and look at image properties to find out what size they are. That's a bit like using a canon to swat at mosquitos. That's where Dimensionizer comes in.

This little tool puts image size information into the context (right click) menu for you. Just right-click on an image file in Finder and you'll get the filename along with the height and width of the image and the image resolution to boot. Now you can add that important information to your web pages and know that you've given your visitors a hand. Their browsers will love you for it.

Dimensionizer is a free Mac application. It requires OS X version 10.2 or later.

Download Dimensionizer

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  1. Eric says:

    Actually, Finder does help – right click, choose Get Info, and look under the “More Info” section.

  2. janet says:

    Your email should let us know it’s a Mac program…….Thanks anyway..:-)….

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