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If you sell stuff or services to people, then you need to keep track of those people. Sure, some stuff is sold just one-off and you'll never hear from those customers again. But if you really want to make money, you want to be able to sell to your customers again and again. Collecting and tracking information about how to contact them, what their needs are, and how you've been taking care of them is vital. In the simplest case you can do this with a spreadsheet or even an address book application, but if you really want to get serious about it, you need to look at a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

There are some very good—and very expensive— CRM apps out there. If you've got a ton of money and nothing better to do with it, you might just want to help yourself. But if you want to save a buck (or several of them), take a look at Javelin.

Javelin is a free online tool. Sure, it can help you track your customers, but it also has the flexibility to let you keep an eye on prospects (turning them into customers), vendors, and more. Add your own custom tags to organize things in ways that you work. Share contact information with co-workers, so everybody's on the same page. Track email and attachments, and you've got a full picture of your interaction with your clients. And since it's all online, that means you can access your information from anywhere. They also take care of backing things up, so you'll never have to say "oops" after your server crashes, and of courseyou'll never have to do a system upgrade, since you didn't install anything.

While they do offer a paid version, the Free Edition allows for two users and up to 250 contacts. While that might not be enough for a bigger company, if you're running lean-and-mean, that may be just the right number.

You don't need anything fancy to use Javelin. Once you sign up, you just use your regular web browser to access this free tool.

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