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Using a web site is a pretty cool way to tell your story. Put up a couple of pages about your Widget business, and the world will beat a path to your (virtual) door. Recite a brief history of Widgets, demonstrate your state-of-the-art Widget manufacturing process, let everybody know why you are The Widget King.

While web pages give you an easy way to get in your customer's' face, you can't always control what those pages look like. Everybody's browser interprets the HTML code behind your pages just a little differently. A page on Firefox doesn't always look like that same page viewed with Internet Explorer or Safari. That means that your catalog may look a bit off when people look at it. If you want consistency in visual presentation, you need to PDF that product information.

Youblisher takes your PDFs—product lists, multi-page brochures, and such—and fiddles with them to make them behave more like printed catalogs. Then you can use your mouse to flip pages just like a real catalog. Upload your document and these folks convert your PDF into a Flash movie that they host, that supports this flip-through-it behavior. Your users have quick access to your document, and they don't have to download a PDF and fire up Adobe Reader to look at it.

Youblisher is a free online service. All you need to use it is a PDF to upload and a Flash-enabled browser to look at the results.

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