Timer, reminder, and scheduler for computer events

runs on Windows
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There are all kinds to timers, schedulers, and reminders out there. If you've got a hectic life (and who doesn't) then you probably either already use one of them or you are planning to sometime soon. They're great for human-centric events like meetings and appointments, but they can be more or less useful for automating actions on your computer.

Marxio Timer takes the idea of a reminder and applies it to your system. Schedule an action to take place at a particular time: shut your machine down, run a program, take a screenshot, or more. And you can base these on things other than clock time or elapsed time, maybe choosing to do something when a particular program ends (shut your system down after completing a backup?), or even when CPU usage hits a particular level or network traffic spikes. It puts a status widget in the System Tray so you'll remember that it's running without taking up a lot of on-screen real estate.

You can download this application for free and use it on your Windows system. Technically it's "donationware", so if you find it useful or use it often, you might throw a few coins at these guys via PayPal.

Download Marxio Timer

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