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Macs are cool. Windows machines are cool. There are lots of similarities between them, and lots of differences. If your work or play takes you back and forth between the two platforms, the similarities can be helpful. As a rule of thumb, if your Windows machine does something by pressing the [Control] key and some other key—like copying to the clipboard via [Control] + C—your Mac will probably do similar things by pressing the [Command] key instead. PC is [Control], Mac is [Command]. Not too bad.

But then there are the differences. In Windows, you can start an app by selecting its icon and pressing [Enter]. On your Mac, once you select that icon, you've got to use [Command] + O to do the same thing. Not so helpful. But there are ways to work around that. One of those ways is PresButan.

This Mac tool lets you choose to use the [Return] or the [Enter] key (no, they're not the same on a Mac) to start applications. By employing some fancy sleight-of-hand involving enabling support for assistive devices via the Universal Access Preference Panel, you can add this Windows-y functionality to your Mac. As an added bonus, you can add one other tweak as well: the ability to delete a file by selecting its icon and pressing the [Delete] key. No more [Command] + [Delete] or right-click and "Move to Trash" with the mouse. Hey, it's not much, but it could be kind of handy.

PresButan is a Mac application. It requires OS X version 10.4 (Tiger) or later. There's also still an older version to use on your Panther (10.3) system if you prefer.

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