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We recently looked at a "Lorem ipsum" generator that lets you create dummy text to use while mocking up a new or redesigned website. It may help you to visualize text on your pages before you've invested the blood, sweat, and tears to actually write content. But what about images? Certainly those don't spring forth fully-armed from the forehead of Zeus either. So what can you use as placeholders while you're getting your graphical act together?

The Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is an online service that lets you create mock-up images to get the spacing right on your pages. Generating images is as simple as adding width- and height- attributes to their site's URL. The resulting image, a gray box with its dimensions clearly spelled-out in it, can be hot-linked from the publisher's site, or you can save the generated GIF file to your server and grab it locally. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can grab the underlying PHP code and host this tool on your own server.

A free service, Dynamic Dummy Image Generator should be compatible with just about any make and model of web browser.

Download Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

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  1. George says:

    I like it; it is on my list, but I also replicated in about 45 seconds, the same thing with freeware IrfanView by creating a new image to size, adding a grey background, and then adding as text the dimensions I created.

    I say this because while I keep track of some online tools, I really prefer the standalones, as I know where they are with my poor memory.

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