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runs on Windows
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If you're writing code or creating web pages, you spend a lot of your life working with straight text files. For you, there's no such thing as formatting; you just type the text and let the compilers and servers do the heavy lifting. From time to time you may have occasion to need to change something you've typed into a file. Maybe there's a new URL you need to reference, or maybe somebody went through and changed the names of all the images that are included in your pages. You don't relish the need to go through all those files in order to do a search and replace to update that information. You may be stuck with that, however, unless you can come up with an easier way to take care of business.

Replace Text is a handy tool that lets you find and replace text. While there are lots of tools that can help you with that, this guy can work on multiple files at once. In addition, it's not limited to searching for just literal strings: it also supports some pretty heavy-duty regular expression searches as well. You can specify a particular file, a whole directory of files, or even build a mask to choose specific files—maybe all the TXT or HTML files in a particular directory. Your replacements can happen to the original files, or you can specify different filenames and directories so that you don't mess up your originals. It logs everything as well, so you can see that your work has been done, or take a look at what messed-up if things didn't go as smoothly as you'd hoped.

A free download, Replace Text is a Windows application.

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