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Do you drink tea? Whether you make it a pot at a time, or a just a single cup, you know that timing can be critical. If you let it steep as little as a minute or two extra you can turn a fine cup into a nasty, bitter mess. A timer is pretty critical here.

Messmer, a European tea company, has a timer you can download to your desktop to make sure you avoid that problem. Pick the type of tea from the dropdown list (in German–you remember that from high school, right?), click Start, and it will count down just the right amount of time for you and your selection, and then alert you with a little musical snippet when you tea is done to perfection.

The Tea Timer is available for both Mac and PC, so everybody can enjoy the perfect cup of tea. Unfortunately, you can't download any tea to go with it.

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  1. Mickey Mouse says:

    the program is not available any more => dead link

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