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How many different ways are there to skin a cat? More than one, if the conventional wisdom is to be believed (sorry, kitty). In much the same way, there may be a lot of different ways to do a lot of things. A meter, for example, might also be expressed as 100 centimeters, 1000 millimeters, 1/1000 of a kilometer, 39.37+ inches, and so forth; temperatures expressed in degrees Celsius track to expressions in degrees Fahrenheit as well; we talk back and forth about bits and bytes. So how do you do all those conversions?

One way is with NumericalChameleon. This app can handle thousands of different units in dozens of different categories. If you can measure it–length, volume, mass, duration, value, and more–then you can probably express it in a different set of units with this tool.

NumericalChameleon is a Java application. That means that it will run on any machine that has the appropriate Java runtime installed on it, including Linux, Mac, Windows, and just about anything else you can think of that supports this technology. It's free download, too, so you won't have to worry about converting dollars-in to dollars-out.

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