EdenGraph graphing calculator for Mac

runs on Mac
screenshot of EdenGraph

When it comes to graphing equations, the picture that's normally worth a thousand words is probably worth a thousand numbers as well. Once you start graphing anything interesting, your graph paper and pencil start to fail you. You could go buy an expensive graphing calculator, but why spend all that dough?

EdenGraph is a graphing calculator for Macs. Along with all the arithmetic, algebraic, and trig functions you'd expect, it also has built-in constant values for pi and e. Enter your equation–algebraic, trig, or whatever–and it plots it for you. Tweak your values and it updates automatically. You can zoom in to get up close and personal, or zoom out to get the big picture. Tweak colors for your plot as well as the background, axes, and grid. When you're all done, print your handiwork out, or save your graph as a TIFF, EPS, or PDF, or even copy it to the clipboard to paste into another application.

A free download, EdenGraph is a Mac application. It's a Universal Binary, so you should be able to use it on both your PowerPC and your Intel machines.

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