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Windows Explorer is the built-in file management tool for Windows systems. Generally it gets done what needs to get done, but it certainly isn't the most efficient tool out there. It's pretty much unchanged over the past several versions of Windows and just doesn't give you much of what you expect in other more modern applications. Like tabs. If you want to dig through two separate directories at the same time, you have to open two windows. In the modern world, you use tabs to take care of that.

It may be time to take a look at xplorer². This replacement tool for file management boasts a tabbed interface, as well as several other goodies. Open multiple panes at once so you can easily drag-and-drop files between locations. You can set up file masks so if you're looking for TXT files in a particular location, you're not going to be buried under all the DOC files in that same spot.

You can grab the free version of xplorer² for your Windows system (Win95 and later). Feel free to use it for personal or academic work. If you want to take it to work with you, you'll need to grab the Pro version for a few bucks.

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  1. alexsupra says:

    xplorer2 is replacement for windows explorer as file manager but not system gui shell.
    free and full-featured replacement of default windows system gui shell (windows explorer): utbox

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