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Whether you work as an employee, or you're under contract for somebody else, you need to keep track of what you do. Whether it's the hours you put in on a given day, expenses you've incurred, or miles you've driven, it all needs to be tracked. After all, if you're an employee you want to be reimbursed; if you're a contractor, you need to bill for your activities.

1DayLater is a service to help you keep track of time, expenses, and distance. It's easy to create a new project or client and to start filling in the values. Entries are automatically time-stamped, so you're always up-to-date. While you can post-date entries as you make them, you can't go back and edit times after-the-fact, so you need to make sure you get it right the first time. It uses color coding to help you keep track of things, and it features a search function that lets you focus in on the particular items you want.

It looks like this tool is in its early stages, since there are several pieces of functionality that are hinted at but not yet implemented, like invoices and mileage claims.

1DayLater is a free online service. You'll just need a modern browser with Flash installed to take advantage of it.

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