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runs on Windows
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Has this ever happened to you? You've got a digital photo that you really love, except for that thing you need to take out of it. It could be anything from the bars on the cage at the zoo that get in the way of that cute Panda cub, to that great picture of you that just happens to have your Ex in it. If only you could get rid of that extra stuff.

This may be a job for PhotoWipe. Just drag your image into the app and paint the stuff you want to get rid of with black. Black? Yep, and then click the Preview button, and the sections you over-painted will automagically go away and be replaced with a reasonable facsimile of what the picture might look like without them. Through some behind-the-scenes sleight-of-hand, the app looks at the area of the picture around where you applied the paint and makes a guess as to what it might have looked like originally. Your results may vary, of course, and apparently you'll have better luck with long, narrow regions–like those zoo cage bars–than with bigger areas (Mr. or Ms. Wrong), but either way, you've improved the overall appearance of your image.

PhotoWipe is a free Windows application.

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