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Sensitive stuff. When you were a kid, your secret decoder ring—just send in three boxtops—was all the protection you needed to keep things private. Things have gotten a bit more complicated since then.

Locknote is a small, secure memo pad. Use it so protect any kind of information you want to keep private: passwords, account numbers, birthday lists, whatever. The executable is self-modifying, meaning that your data is actually incorporated into the program file itself. What this means is that you don't need any additional tool to get your data back—just fire up your data-and-program file, type in the password, and you're up and running. Save stuff for yourself, transfer it to a removable drive, or even send via email. You'll want to keep multiple copies for each type of information you're keeping track of. While it' s not a big-deal security suite, it does offer a quick-and-dirty way to protect data.

LockNote is a Windows application. You should be able to use it on systems running Windows 2000 and later.

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  1. Cornflower says:

    I have used Locknote 1.0.4 happily for three years–every review reinforces the sense of truly secure encryption in a portable single-file bundle. I am happy that the Steganos finally came out with 1.0.5; it fixes the only bug that annoyed me, that being Repeat Find {F3} did not work in 1.0.4. Now it is Fixed!

    I use this daily for my work and home passwords. Simple, intuitive (no real learning curve at all), and I have not yet felt the need for specific larger password keepers such as KeePass, etc., and their reliance for separate executable and data files.

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