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Everybody uses PDFs. These Portable Document Format files can be used across platforms, so there's no system compatibility issues, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader app is free, so everybody can access the content of these documents.

There are bunches of tools out there that convert Word DOC documents into Adobe PDF files, making it easy to crank out your very own PDFs. But what about the other way around? You've got a PDF that you need to edit, or with content that you want to re-purpose? Maybe it's time to check out PDF to Word Converter.

With this tool, you can convert files into either DOC or DOCX-format Word documents. It supports all versions of the PDF standard, so there is no file too old or too new to work with. You can convert individual files or do a whole batch at once. And it adds a context menu (right click menu) item that lets you start the process without even firing up the program. It does its best to grab not only text, but also all the images and formatting from your original. And maybe best of all, you don't even have to own Word to use it, so if you're an Open Office or Google Docs user, you're good to go.

PDF to Word Converter is free for non-commercial use. They've got a Mac version, but it's not free, so you're not going to feel the love there. Thanks to Mark for giving us a heads up on this app.

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3 Responses to “PDF to Word Converter”

  1. dharmendra jain says:

    good books

  2. JK says:

    Per their website, the free version requires Word on the machine.

  3. HJBoitel says:

    It appears that this program does NOT convert a pdf Graphic with words. It does not have an OCR engine It simply puts the graphic into a word file. Not searchable or editable. A text document that is converted to PDF CAN be converted back to Word format. The distinction in these two processes is important. Thus, if you scan a document and send it to a pdf, this program cannot program cannot do OCR on it.

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