Lightweight spell check tool for Mac

runs on Mac
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Not every app I use has built-in spell checking, but they all seem to have built-in misspelling. Seems like the classic problem of the nut behind the keyboard. One way to take care of this is to copy your potentially problematic text to the clipboard, fire-up Word, paste your text into it, run spell check, make the corrections, copy it back out, and paste it back into your application. Gets the job done, but it takes a non-trivial amount of time to fire that behemoth up and do the deed. Maybe if there were a quicker way to take care of business, it would be less of a pain in the [insert name of favorite body part here].

SpellMe is a tool that speeds this process up. Sure, you still have to copy your text to the clipboard, but when you start this app, the first thing it does is look at the clipboard and grab whatever's there–no pasting into the app. It does the whole spell check thing, including making suggestions for what it thinks you might have meant, and it'll learn new words when it comes stuff it doesn't recognize that you vouch for.

A teeny tiny application, SpellMe runs on your Mac under OS X.

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