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There are bunches of personal note-taking and information-tracking tools out there, some with more and others with fewer features. While each of them has its advantages, there are always drawbacks. Maybe they're too big, or they're incompatible with your system, or some other such thing. Here's another take on that whole issue.

Wiki on a Stick is a single file. Now, granted, it's a great big hairy XHTML file, but it literally is just that one file. All its brains, as well as its data, is self contained. Open it up in your browser and start editing away. As a wiki, it's got built in support for all kinds for markup, both for formatting as well as hyperlinks. That means you can cross-reference stuff and actually jump from one piece of information to the next, and never leave that single file. Obviously that means this is portable, since there's no program involved–just fire up a web browser on whatever machine you happen to be sitting in front of, and you're good to go.

Since saving your entries involves writing back to your local drive, something that web browsers don't like to let web pages do, you're going to see a bunch of warnings and second-guessing "do you really, really want to do this" messages. Once you get over that shock, it's all really pretty straightforward.

Wiki on a Stick is a free download. It should work on just about any system that has a web browser; it explicitly supports Firefox, Opera, and IE.

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