Onscreen ruler, magnifier, and more

runs on Windows
screenshot of PMeter

When you work with images and other graphical elements, every pixel counts. If your alignment is off just a tad, it doesn't look right; if your measurements are off just a bit, ti's not going to work.

PMeter is a little tool that can help you with these problems and more. This portable app has a bunch of features that make it helpful. First, it's a ruler, so you can measure goodies on the screen. While by default it sits horizontally on your desktop, a quick double-click rotates it to a vertical orientation. Drag it around your screen to measure this and that. It also includes a magnifier and a color picker, so you can zoom in and grab colors from images. And it displays mouse pointer coordinates, so you'll always know where you (or your mouse) are.

PMeter is a free download and runs on your Widows machine.

Download PMeter

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