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Arguably one of the better inventions to come down the pike, computer-wise, is the "context menu"—the "right click" menu—that lets you do much more than open or delete files. Among the more important items in that menu is the "Open With" choice. Sure, double-clicking on a document will generally open an application that's associated with it, this isn't always the desired result. Take an HTML file, for example. If you want to look at it as a web page, it would be nice to have it open in browser; however, if you want to edit it, you'd like to have it opened in your text editor, thank you very much.

Open-With Manager is a tool you can use to fine-tune your your system works. On an application-by-application basis, you can choose which file types you want them to be available to open. If you always want your PDFs to open in Adobe Reader and never-ever want them to open in Preview, this may be just the tool for you. As an added bonus, this app also tweaks the behavior of apps when you drag-and-drop documents onto their icons.

Open-With Manager is a Mac application. It's a Universal Binary, so it's right at home on either a PowerPC or an Intel-powered Mac. It runs under OS X version 10.4 and later.

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