It's like a tune-up for your computer

runs on Windows
screenshot of Advanced SystemCare

Your computer is a complicated place (or thing or person, if you're really involved). With all the bits and pieces operating together in perfect harmony, it's a wonder of modern engineering. When it's out of whack, it's a colossal mess. That's when you need serious help to set things right.

Advanced SystemCare is like a Swiss Army knife, in that it's got a tool for just about everything that might happen to your system. It'll tune up your Registry, delete leftovers from incomplete uninstalls, defragment your hard drive, check for spyware and adware, and generally tidy things up for you under the hood. And maybe best of all, they claim that they can do all this good stuff fast. After all, there's nothing like knowing you need to clean up your system because it's gotten all bogged down, only to find that the fix will take hours to complete.

A Windows application, Advanced SystemCare is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit systems, and runs under Windows 2000 and later, all the way up to Windows 7.

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