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Some times the same old information can give you new insights when it's presented in a different way. Reading a book and listening to somebody else read that same book to you book are two different experiences, even though both of these are dealing with the same data.

You've seen those applications that scan your hard drive and then give you back a graphic that represents all the files and directories on your system. Usually the results are reported out as big squares and rectangles, the sizes of which correspond to the relative sizes of the chunks of your hard drive that they represent. Disk Space Fan is a variation on this theme.

Instead of rectangular blocks, this app creates a fan-shaped chart, where your files are represented by arcs in widening concentric circles. Choose your target, whether it's a whole drive, or just a specific directory, press the button, and go. It reports back what it finds in graphical form, as well as giving file sizes in tabular form. Maybe this will be the breakthrough you were looking for in managing the space on your hard drive.

Disk Space Fan is a Windows application. You can use it on systems running WinXP (SP2 and later), Vista, and Windows 7.

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  1. H.Marx says:

    Wow, this looks a lot like the utility SCANNER by Steffen Gerlach which I have been using for years:

    As a single file (about 160K), it runs great from a USB flash memory stick for use on most any Windows machine.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Disk Space Fan was inspired by Scanner.

    At least well-designed human information interfaces are finally spreading!

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