Multipurpose Windows Gizmo

runs on Windows
screenshot of Wizmo

You're familiar with the applications you use every day. Web browser, email client, word processing tool, spreadsheet—you use these all the time. But if you dig down into some of the lower-level stuff on your computer, especially some of the system commands, your familiarity rolls off rapidly. Maybe you need to put your system to sleep, or you'd like to start the screensaver right now instead of after twenty minutes of inactivity, but who can remember how to do all that stuff—or even where to look?

Wizmo is a neat little tool written by Steve Gibson, the ShieldsUP! guy. It's a "Windows gizmo" that puts a nice front end on a bunch of little Windows tweaks and adjustments. You can use it to feed your system various shutdown commands (standby, hibernate, reboot), cycle your optical drive open and closed, invoke your screensaver, and more.

How much would expect to pay for such a tool? Well, this is your lucky day: Wizmo is a free download.

Download Wizmo

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