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If you're really taking control of your website, you know there's no substitute for getting in there and getting your hands dirty editing your code directly. Sure, there are tools you can use that insulate you from the vagaries of HTML and stylesheet syntax, but that extra layer of separation between you and the code is going to inject assumptions about your page that may not be accurate. If you want anything done right, you've got to do it yourself.

PageBreeze is a free HTML editor. Along with the text editing functionality you need to get in there and work on your code, it also features a WYSIWYG mode, helpful for when you first rough-out your new page. It's also got a built-in preview mode, so you can see what your finished page is going to look like while you're working on it. This display is powered by Internet Explorer, so what you see is really what your visitors will see as well. It's got other handy built-in tools, like a form generator. If you've ever had to build a web form from scratch, you know that this can be a real time saver. And website templates: there's nothing like staring at the blank screen and trying to figure out how to start.

If you want to use PageBreeze for personal, non-profit, or educational purposes, you're in luck: it's free! If you want to use it in conjunction with your business, you need to upgrade to their Professional version for a few bucks. You'll need Windows 9x or later, as well as a copy of IE 4.0 or better to use this tool.

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