Keep track of sub(mission)s with Sonar

runs on Windows
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If you write for a living, you need to keep track of where and to whom you have submitted your pieces. After all, if you just send your work off into the ether, you'll never know when it's going to be published—or when you're going to get paid. Sure, if you've just inked a seven-figure deal to write your autobiography, you're probably going to have handlers to help keep an eye on things, but if you're publishing shorter pieces, you're probably on your own.

Sonar is a tool you can use to keep track of subs (submissions). Enter each of your creations into this app, and then go to town. Keep track of who you submitted it to and when, and update your records when it's sold (hooray!) or rejected (whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger). Sort by status, date, or just about anything else. You can enter unlimited length notes and comments as well. And the best part for a struggling (or smart) writer is that it's totally free.

Sonar runs under Windows. You'll need to have WinXP installed, as well as version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

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