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If you're addicted to software, your life can get complicated. Sure, you'll stay up too late and eat cold pizza a lot, but we're talking something a little more focused there. Specifically, your Start Menu is no doubt filled to overflowing with lists and lists of your favorite applications. At this point, as it cascades over multiple columns across your Desktop, it's a wonder you can find anything in there. Maybe it's time to clean house.

Yes, you can open up Windows Explorer and go in and edit the items in the Start Menu manually, and hope you don't mess anything up as you dig through all that stuff. Or you can check out a tool like Tidy Start Menu. With this little app, it's easy to create categories, which is the secret to organization. Now instead of having several web browsers listed individually, for example, you can have an Internet category, which when you grab it will then roll out your list of browsers, making it much easier to find what you're looking for.

Tidy Start Menu is a Windows application, and a free download to boot.

Download Tidy Start Menu

2 Responses to “Clean things up with Tidy Start Menu”

  1. Richard van Buren says:

    Never mind, the freeware program is just a teaser, your own categories can on ly be created in the “bought” version, the pro version so to speak

  2. C Low says:

    I fell in love with this program right away!

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