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runs on Windows
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Back in the day, you used to be able to keep track of your "to do" list by tying a string around your finger. Those were simpler times, and there certainly wasn't as much to remember. If you had to resort to that method today, you'd probably run out of string long before you ran out of items to have to remember.

Date Reminder is a tool you can use to help keep your schedule in check. It's easy to enter events—both recurring and one-time-only—and even give them an alarm. You can add an action to an event as well: run an app, create an email, that sort of thing. Drop it in your Startup folder and you'll always know what's coming next. It only displays its window when you've got something happening today, although that's probably pretty much every day. You can park it in the System Tray as well, to keep it out of your way.

A free download, Date Reminder is right at home on your Windows system.

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