Fix broken ZIP files with Object Fix Zip

runs on Windows
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Archive files are a useful thing. Instead of a dozen, or a hundred, files, you get one file to work with. Generally the contents of this file have been compressed, so there are fewer bytes to deal with overall. It's all pretty handy.

Imagine a world where everything works as it's supposed to. Things run smoothly, computers don't crash, and it's all flowers and puppies. Unfortunately you don't live in that world, and the ZIP file that contains that important report or all your financial information is toast. If these were in plain old files, you could probably do something to resurrect them, but buried in a ZIP archive, you could be out of luck.

Object Fix Zip is a tool to give you a hand here. Give it a broken archive file, and it will do its level best to pull the pieces out of it. Whether it's a broken or damaged file, or even one that has only been partially downloaded, it'll give it a run for its money. If your broken file is encrypted, you'll need to supply a password, so you can't use it to try to circumvent password protection in your archive file, but you weren't going to do that, right?

You can use Object Fix Zip on your Windows machine. It'll run under any 32-bit flavor of Windows from Win95 up through Windows 7. And hey, it's free.

Download Object Fix Zip

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  1. Ken Amirault says:

    Thanks for the access. I really appreciate things that are FREE.
    If there is a blog that needs repair ideas, I’ll do my best to come upwith an answer!

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