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runs on Windows
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If you've got a pile of files you're working on, they're probably pretty important. After all, you're working on them, right? It wouldn't be a good thing if they were to go away. That's why we back stuff up. And what about bringing them along with you. Anything that important probably needs to make its way onto the laptop for overnight or weekend tweaking at home or on the road. Post-tweak, you've now got two versions: the original on your computer, and and your edits on the laptop. Life is too complicated.

While maybe it's not as good as a weekend at a spa, SyncBack Freeware can go a long way toward making life a little less stressful. With this tool, you can do your backups (and restores) to make sure that your important work files are archived safe and sound (works for those not-so-important YouTube downloads as well), and also sync files between two locations—perfect for that working weekend on your laptop. You can zip things up to save on space if you're just squirreling things away, or you can do a "diff" on two versions of a given file, all the better to sync them, my dear.

SyncBack Freeware is a Windows application. You'll need to be running Win2k or better to use it.

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