So many file types, so little time

runs on Windows
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Stop me if you've heard this one before. You fire up an app and want to create a new file, or import- or export an existing document. You get to the browse window—the one where you pick the file you want—and drop down a list of about a zillion file types. Now you know that you're only ever going to use about three of those, but you still have to dig through them all (what is a "Radiance *.HDR" file anyway?) to find the one you want. How does this make your life any easier? Automation, schmautomation….

Formats Customizer is a tool that can help you clean up that mess. Fire it up and tell it which kinds to files to expect to find, and the rest of the entries automagically go away. It uses a simple checkbox interface for each supported application, so there aren't any complicated commands to have to remember. And if you change your mind later, it's easy to come back and change your choices. And you've always got the All Formats choice, so if you do need access to a one-off file in an unexpected format, you can still get there from here.

Formats Customizer currently supports Photoshop, Word, and many other popular graphics and productivity tools. It's a Windows app, and runs under WinXP and later versions.

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