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A wise man (I think his name was Murphy) once suggested that if anything could go wrong, that it would. That doesn't sound too encouraging, although maybe there's a loophole in there: what if you fixed the thing that might go wrong first? If that doesn't get you totally off the hook, maybe it would help.

Your computer is a complicated place ,to be sure. You just know there are dozens, if not hundreds, of things that might go wrong. That's why it's a good idea to have at hand a tool that can fix some of those potential problems, either after they've failed (see above), or hopefully as a preventive to keep them from breaking in the first place. WinUtilities can easily fall into both groups.

With this free tool, you can fix the currently broken stuff—find duplicate files, fix broken shortcuts, defragment your hard drive, undelete accidentally trashed files—as well as prevent potential problems in the future, by backing up and restoring your System Registry, locking your executables (adding a password), and shredding deleted files. Once that's out of the way, that Murphy guy shouldn't have so much to worry about.

You can download WinUtilities for free and run it on your Windows 2000 or later system.

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