Life and task management

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Keeping track of what you need to do and how to prioritize it all is both a never-ending struggle, and a zillion dollar a year industry. With all the techniques and approaches out there—Getting Things Done, the important-urgent method, First Things First, and more—you could spend all your time trying to get organized and no time actually doing those things that you have organized. What you need is a system that will support whatever methodology you choose, and then just get out of the way, so that the tool doesn't become more of a burden than the underlying tasks.

TimeGT is a tool that could be the answer for you. You can organize your tasks and sub-tasks by project to look at them hierarchically, but it also supports tags, so you can search horizontally as well. After all, if you've got three things you need to do at the Post Office, you might as well do them all at the same time, rather than making a dedicated trip for each of the affected projects.

This free application is written in Java, so it'll run on any platform that has the appropriate runtime installed, including Windows, Mac, various flavors of Linux, and so forth. If you want some extras, including online storage and syncing between systems, you'll need to pop a few bucks (euros, actually) for the paid version, but may find that you're doing quite well with the freebie, thank you very much.

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