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Some people just love souvenirs. You may recognize them as the ones who can't go to the Grand Canyon without grabbing an official Grand Canyon ashtray or water bottle. On the other hand, it is nice to collect a little something and bring it home with you to help prompt all those happy memories of journeys past. That all works okay if you're traveling around in the real world, but where are the souvenir shops for the trips you take around the web? For those, you're going to need to create your own little bring-along goodies.

Web Page Thumbnails is a tool that can give you a hand. With its easy to use interface, you'll be grabbing web pages and turning them into thumbnail images in no time. It's got a built in web browser, so there's no messy cut-and-paste of URLs between IE or Firefox and this tool. Use your new thumbnails to catalog interesting pages you run across as you wander around the web, or maybe something more useful, like creating a graphical sitemap of your website, complete with pictures. It creates a gallery of images you've already grabbed, so you'll always know where you've been (keeping an eye on where you're going is up to you).

Web Page Thumbnails is a free download. It's a Windows application and will run under WinXP and later.

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  1. foxygrandma68@yahoo.com says:

    Zone AlarmCheckpoint found this to be malicious.
    Disables Windows System File
    Checker so that it can silentlyt replace core Windows system executables and disguise itself as part of the Windows system

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