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Fire. Flood. Earthquake. It's all bad, whether for the people involved, or for their stuff. While we all do our best to avoid problems—strict building codes, careful safety practices, etc.—sometimes the outcomes are not good. Hopefully your friends, family, and neighbors come through it all in one piece, but what about your stuff? If you have to evacuate and leave your furniture and possessions at home, what will be there when you return? Can you afford that loss?

We buy insurance to protect against loss, but if you want to collect, you have to demonstrate that you've suffered a loss. That means you'd better have a home inventory to show what you had. Taking an inventory can be a long, tedious process. And even once you've collected all your information, you face the possibility that your inventory will disappear, destroyed by whatever messed up your house in the first place.

Know Your Stuff is an online service that makes it easy to put together an inventory of your home and possessions. Once you set up a free account, they'll walk you through the process of adding rooms and filling them with your stuff. Track the make and model of everything you own, as well as purchase dates and replacement costs. You can even add photos and other documentation to your inventory so you've got the most information possible when you really need it. And since every thing's stored online, you don't have to worry about your paper lists or computer being destroyed and losing your records as well.

You should be able to use Know Your Stuff with any system running a recent web browser.

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