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runs on Windows
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Crossword puzzles are an interesting thing. They are used by little kids in school to drill on spelling words, but they've also got their industrial-strength devotees—people who actually know who Will Shortz is and delight in doing the Times' Sunday puzzle in ink. But what about taking it to the next level? Have you ever thought about creating your own puzzles?

Crossword Creator might be the tool to use if you decide to go in this direction. You can use built-in word- and clue lists, or create your own. Heck, you might create for first free-software-blogging-centric crossword puzzle out there! Some of the lists that come with this app include words in English, Spanish, and German, as well as a list of SAT clues and answers—getting into college was never so much fun. You can print out your puzzles, or solve them on your computer.

A free download, Crossword Creator is a Windows application.

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