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runs on Windows
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Little snippets of text. While it may look like just so many chicken scratchings to anybody else, you know you live your life through those words and phrases you jot on the back of an envelope or into a text file on your computer. Maybe it's the shopping list—you've got to pick up more milk—or it might be the Next New Thing. How are you going to make your first zillion dollars if you write your brainstorm down but then can't find it?

OrangeNote just might be your new best friend. Essentially it's a database of everything you ever cut or copied to your clipboard. Fully searchable, you can also insert your text into other apps via hotkeys. If you've got stock text you use over and over again, there's no need to keep re-typing it. And the age-old problem of needing to keep two things on the clipboard at once goes the way of the dodo; since everything is saved to OrangeNote, it's easy to go back and grab the next-to-last thing you clipped.

A free download, OrangeNote is a Windows app. It should run under XP or Vista and requires version 3.1 of the .NET Framework.

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  1. jg says:

    thanks for the tip.

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