A different kind of web browser

runs on Mac
screenshot of OmniWeb

There are all kinds of Web browsers out there. We're all familiar with the big guys: IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari. There's even the next level, including such contenders as SeaMonkey and Camino. There's a whole world out there beyond those, but many of them come in under the label "best kept secret." One of those is OmniWeb.

Like most browsers worth their salt, you can use this app to visit web pages and all that. The difference comes in how they implement the various bits and pieces of what you see. Their version of tabs, for instance, doesn't involve real individual tabs; instead, when you open a page in a new tab, it actually loads a thumbnail version of the target page in a pop-out drawer. To view that page, just click on the thumbnail and your current page—which is also shown in that drawer as a thumbnail—goes away and the new one is swapped in. If you've got combinations of pages that you usually access together—maybe Google News, your Gmail screen, and so forth—you can save them all into a Workspace. This makes it easy to restore your various favorites and keep your surroundings familiar. It's also easy to block pop-ups and ads, and even to block Flash content from the pages you view, and that can be a great time and bandwidth saver.

OmniWeb is a Mac program. It runs under OS X 10.4.8 and later.

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